Weapons are needed to fight both non-player and player characters.

Based on their type they can have up to 2 different kind of attacks: Physical and Electro-magnetical.

There are 5 separate weapon categories:

  • Pistol - Very fast attacking weapon, but deals lower and only physical damage.
  • Rifle - Somewhat slower than Pistols but already has the function do deal some electro-magnetical damage too beside the physical one.
  • Shotgun - The perfect avarage of all other weapon classes. Medium speed, medium physical and electro-magnetical damage.
  • Sniper - Compared to Shotgun it deals more electro-magnetical but less physical damage in exchange for some handicap in speed.
  • Launcher - Very slow attacking weapon, deals large but only electro-magnetical damage.

Weapons have three different Qualities and several Grades.

The Durability of Weapons determines how many hits you can deal with them.

After the durability (wear rate) end the weapon will be broken and you need to buy a new one.

You can also Upgrade your Weapons for higher attack.