War competition

In the ruins of civilization, beyond fear, hunger and thirst that took possession of the survivors, everything had to be rebuilt with limited skills and only with few resources. People were fighting together against aliens but their desire for gold was too big. They turned against each other in hope for a bigger gold reserve. This result in a world war competition which involved the vast majority of the Golden Battles countries forming two opposing military teams: The Avengers (avenger.png) and the Postapocalyptic United Realm of Global Engagement (so called PURGE purge.png). This war competition results are counted weekly based on the list of participant countries:

AT.png Austria BA.png Bosnia Herzegovina BG.png Bulgaria AL.png Albania AM.png Armenia AZ.png Azerbaijan
HR.png Croatia CZ.png Czech Republic GB.png United Kingdom BY.png Belarus BE.png Belgium DK.png Denmark
FI.png Finland GE.png Georgia DE.png Germany FR.png France GR.png Greece HU.png Hungary
IT.png Italy CH.png Switzerland LT.png Lithuania ID.png Indonesia IE.png Ireland XK.png Kosovo
MK.png Macedonia MD.png Moldova NL.png Netherlands PL.png Poland RS.png Serbia ES.png Spain
NO.png Norway PT.png Portugal RO.png Romania SE.png Sweden TR.png Turkey UA.png Ukraine
RU.png Russia SK.png Slovakia SI.png Slovenia EE.png Estonia LV.png Latvia


Map of the military teams border



In this competition, cities are building towers to help and protect their citizens. The power of a military team is measured in war competition points. Cities are receiving points based on their towers:

Tower: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
War competition points: 1 3 7 13 20

These points are accumulated to your team (see the following e.g.):

Vienna (capital of Austria) has a tower with level 3 = 7 war competition points;
Budapest (capital of Hungary) has a tower with level 2 = 3 war competition points;
Total avengers: 10 points

Building towers

A country can build towers only in their cities. If a city is conquered, the conqueror country is allowed to build there. To build a tower the citizens of the country has to work together in country workplaces. For additional details, check the Towers help description.

Destroying enemy towers

Towers can be destroyed only in battles. In order to demolish your enemy tower you have to win the battle (WAR, core RW, flag RW) and occupy the city. Once you win the battle, the city tower will be destroyed (no matter if is level 1 or level 5, the tower will collapse the same way). If you conquer that city, you will be able to build your own tower there.

Opening a new battle: Check the summary list bellow if you want to open a new battle or read more on detaild war description:

  • By president: Presidents are allowed to open WAR battles only if they comply the following:
    1. There should be an ongoing war with that country
    2. At least one adjacent border is needed

    If these requirements are fulfilled, the president has to navigate to War/Battle map menu and click the Start battle button. (Warning: opening a battle will cost x GOLD payed by the country)

  • By other players: Players are allowed to open Resistant War (RW) battles in any conquered city if comply the following:
    1. The player can open Resistant war only in his current location (you have to travel there)
    2. The city must have foreign core or foreign flag

    If these requirements are fulfilled, navigate to War/Battle map menu and click the Start RW button. (Warning: opening a battle will cost you x GOLD)

  • Auto RW: Occupied cities have a specific revolt risk that determines auto-Resistance Wars (aRW battles) starting. These battles are started by the game (FREE)

Fighting in battles: You can fight in battles if you navigate to War/Battle map and select the battle from the list. To destroy the city tower you have to win the battle with at least 60%

  • Battle duration is at least 24 hours (except when it is retreated)
  • When the conquered squares owned by attackers are less than 40% of the total squares after the 24 hours end it will be considered a victory for the defending side
  • When the conquered squares owned by attackers are between 40% and 60% of the total squares after the 24 hours end the battle will continue until it goes either over 60% or under 40%
  • When the conquered squares owned by attackers are over 60% of the total squares after the 24 hours end (or in extra time) it will be considered a victory for the attacker side and City will become occupied


1. You can use the World Map for an overview of cities with active battles.
2. Before opening a battle, check the World Map to identify your nearby cities you can attack. Select the Show borders only for [Country] filter and check the Occupied and Conquered cities checkbox to see which cities have foreign core or foreign flag.
3. In Battle Map section you can use the Battle type filter to reduce the battles list. (War battle, Core resistance war, Flag resistance war, Occupation resistance war)
4. Before you attack a city, make an agreement with countries from your side for their support to increase your power. Together your chance to win is bigger.
5. Defeat your towers. If you are under attack, your country can make alliances with other countries from your side to help you in that battle. Keep in mind that it is a common goal to defeat your towers because other countries also benefits from your towers and your war competition points

Timeline & results

The war competition is weekly analyzed on Saturday 22:00 (server time) and based on team points, a winner and a loser side will result.

Winner side benefits: Loser side penalties
1. Only citizens of this side will receive military ranks 1. Citizens will not receive any military ranks.
2. Raid commanders will teleport only in cities of this side 2. All country arena will be closed
3. Country arena will start only in cities of winner side 3. Aliens who drops money (Generals) will hide themselves.
4. Aliens General can be killed only by citizens of this side
5. Minimal wage will be reduced by -10%
6. Store items price will be reduced by -25%
7. Every country on this side with at least 1 tower will receive +10 GOLD from the game


I want to change my country side, can I?
No, you cannot. The countries distribution in this war competition is given by the game Administration team and we reserve the right to change it if and when it is necessary, but only with prior notice
Countries in my side are not building towers, what can I do?
Building towers and participating in this competition is not mandatory for any country. All you can do is to contact the president and ask him/she why is that country inactive.
All my cities have the highest tower (Level 5) but we are still building more. Can I place them in other country from my side?
No, you can't. You can conquer other cities then you can place your towers in the newly conquered region.
If my team failed, what can I do?
You have one week to collect more points (or reduce your enemy points)
My team failed this week and our arenas are now closed. This mean I cannot fight in any Arena?
No, you can still fight in any open arena or game arena as before.
My team failed this week and Raid commanders will teleport in other cities. Can I still fight with them?
Yes, nothing changed. The penalty is that you will always need to use your teleport item (or any other way to change your location)
The money received by the winner countries (+10 GOLD) are subtracted from the game fund?
No, this money is financed by the game Administration team. 
We have conquered other countries, do we receive their bonus too?
No, only independent countries with at least 1 tower will receive this money (+10 GOLD/week)
What happens if both sides have the same points?
In this case, the previous winner will remain the winner.
If there was no previous winner (e.g. first week), then nobody will win.
Will I get money if I demolish a tower?
Game is rewarding soldiers who fight in these battles with a non-taxable, prestige based bonus paid based on the number of hits.
For more details, check the Fighters fund help or the forum at http://forum.goldenbattles.com/forum/posts/list/998.page