Tournament battle

Advanced players (level 8 or more) are welcome to fight in the Tournament battles.

It is not needed to travel there, players can participate regardless of their current location.

Tournament battles start every day at 21:00 (server time) and last for at least 24 hours.

To enter the Tournament Battle page just click the displayed banner, which is located in the Home menu and looks like this:


You will be redirected to the War menus, with the Battle map and the Tournament battle already selected:

First step is to join by clicking the Join tournament (random side) button.

Game will assign you randomly to the Attacker (red) or Defense (green) side.

Tournament battle walls start with 100000 (100k) HP, and it is raised by 30% every time it is rebuilt.


Rebuild wall

Soldiers can choose to build their own walls, making it harder for the enemy:


A Launcher will be needed for building, the walls can absorb its energy. Energy absorbed by the walls will also count as player "damage".

Motivate battle

Tournament battle can be motivated the same way as a normal battle, but at the end both the Attacker and Defender motivation funds are added to the Main fund, and then distributed to the winners:


  1. Players who motivate a battle can get up to 50% damage bonus (based on the amount of money the use to motivate).
  2. Soldiers who fight in a motivated battle, on the motivated side also get damage bonus.

Formula: Battle damage = normal damage*((100+(SMQ/BF)*50+(((MQ-SMQ)/BF)*5)))/100)
(MQ: Motivation Quantity SMQ: Self motivation quantity BF: Base Fund set by the Empires)

Winner Cup

Best soldier (who places 1st on the winner side) will be awarded a Tournament Winner Cup: (by clicking the little red icon next to the zoom icon)


A player needs to win 3 Tournaments in a row to become the Tournament Winner Cup owner.
Tournament Winner Cup Owner is rewarded with the following items every time he wins another Cup:

  • 1 x Special item: Double XP
  • 1 x Special item: Double PP
  • 1 x Special item: Triple PP
  • 1 x Special item: Double DP
  • 1 x Special item: Triple DP
  • 100 x Red Agra
  • 200 x Blue Agra
  • 300 x White Agra

Ownership of Tournament Winner Cup is lost if player fails to place 1st on the winner side of the next Tournament.


Tournament Fund will be set by the Empires, 30% of Empire bonus will be transferred to the Main Fund of the battle. All players of the winner side get a share of the rewards (not just TOP10), based on the amount of damage they inflict.


You can check the winners of older Tournament battles if you click on Show all battles radio button.


  • Tournament damage is counted in the Military ranks, but it does not count for the Empire bonus
  • There is no bonus for shooting the walls, only the rewards at the end of the Tournament
  • Main fund money amount is calculated and set around midnight