How to start?

Golden Battles is an economy and war simulator game, but in the first place your success depends on your social interactions. Get to know the other players, make friends here and invite the ones you already have. It's always much easier to play in a team and don't forget that even the longest travel begins with the first step.

As a new Citizen you begin your journey with working and fighting aliens to increase your experience both in Experience points and game knowledge. You should probably start by fighting the aliens in the capital, to raise your level. You can start your own Companies, become a Politician or even a Warrior.

What should i do to make money?

  • At the beginning, we suggest you to follow these steps:
  1. Read and understand what is Prestige (prestige-icon.png) and how it works/influence your incomes. Since you are a new player, you received a complete clothing set from game as gift which helps you to maintain your prestige at 45, but don't forget that these clothes will wear off.
  2. Fight against aliens at "Fights & Wars / Player vs Alien". Attack only aliens with lower or equal level with you since you can kill them with one shut. You will receive fight bonus and dropped items from them which can be sold on market to other players or companies.
  3. Work to get your wage at "Economy / Jobs". Take care with working because it takes 8 hours, until that you cannot fight or travel, so we suggest you to work before you go to sleep or you know you will not need other activity since this time.
  4. Find assistants to be their mentor. It's always easier to play in a team and you can increase your incomes from other players activity.
  • Once you're getting familiar and your ingame money raised:
  1. Open a company, produce, sell and take your profit.
  2. Collect soldiers. You can be the leader of many other players, check soldier auctions at "Economy / Soldiers & Assistants / Auction"
  3. Trading with Game shares. Buy and sell game shares at "Game / Shares"
  4. Trading with Euro or other currencies. Check currency rates, buy and sell it at "Economy / Financials"
  5. Fight in Arena, be the best, win and collect the prize
  • You can take advantage of many other opotrunities which is not listed here, it's up to you to find those ...

As you can see, there is no golden path to success it's up to you to find yours and transform your ingame success into real cash.

Invest or play for free?

This game can be played for FREE, without investing any money in you account and see how your ingame money will rize day by day.

Some of your opportunities will require you to have Euro balance, e.g. opening a company, bidding on auctions, ... which can be more easy if you invest money.

Ask other players for their experience, they can advice and help you to take the right decision about investing or not.