War description


Core cities

Cores are the native cities of a country.
Core cities can be lost in battles, when the war is over:

Core of original country in Capital is never lost.

Flagged cities

Flagged are those cities that had been once a core but have been lost by signing a “Give up core” PT or if not taken back for 4 months time.
War Justification (WJ) Points of one country against another
Amount of Decrease and Increase is calculated every day, at midnight.




DEFCON determines how hard soldiers can fight but also increases threat to other countries.
Can be set by the President.

Setting DEFCON levels takes time:
(original DEFCON lvl - new DEFCON lvl)*6 hours when decreasing
(new DEFCON lvl - original DEFCON lvl)*4 for increasing

DEFCON level bonuses:

War propaganda

Has 4 levels that can be set by President.

Casus Bellis (CB) for starting a war


Required WJ: 0

Duration of CB: N/A


Required WJ: 50

Duration of CB: N/A


Required WJ: 0 + special CB activated by attacking country Warned previously

Duration of CB: 1 week


Required WJ: 50 + special CB activated by guaranteeing attacked country's independence

Duration of CB: 1 month


Required WJ: 50 + special CB activated by dishonored alliance

Duration of CB: 2 months


Required WJ: 0 + special CB activated by attacked country owning core cities of attacker

Duration of CB: N/A

Global Threat

Required WJ: 100 + special CB activated at least 10 countries having 100 WJ on attacked nation

Duration of CB: N/A


Required WJ: 20 + special CB activated by target country owning cores of non-existent country

Duration of CB: N/A

Freedom Fight

Special war with newly formed country after successful aRW
Required WJ: N/A

Speciality: after opening war cannot start attacks for (original country 3 days, newly formed country 2 days)

Peace Treaty (PT)

PT can be offered by any of the two War Leader Presidents at any time in the war
PT needs to be accepted by both presidents to take effect (only exception is when all Cities of a country are occupied: in this case an offer of the President of the victorious side is accepted automatically (Dictate))
In Dictate only one kind of demand can be made
Once a country signed a PT, it cannot re-enter the same war

Options available for a PT:

Note: They become "Flagged" status.

(Note that conquering cities this way will result in other countries getting the according WJ)

(Note: Winner country gets an Alliance with released Country for free)

Rewards for conquest

Independent of chosen Peace Treaties, the following reward is received for every conquered City:

Revolt Risk (aRW)

Owned and occupied cities have a specific revolt risk that determines auto-Resistance Wars (aRW) starting.
Revolt risk is newly calculated every day for each city.
Resistance wars are started randomly between 10:00 - 20:00.
Attack power for (auto-)resistance soldiers is always 100%.

Minimum revolt risk is 1%, maximum is 100% (except for Core).
Base revolt risk on all cities is 1%.
Core city maximum revolt risk is 5%.


Possible auto-Resistance wars:

Core aRW

Reason: Foreign core Type of aRW:

  1. if foreign core country exists: Patriots
  2. if non-existent: Nationalists

Effects if successful:

Points: 20

Flag aRW

Reason: Foreign flagged city Type of aRW:

  1. if foreign flagged country exists: Patriots
  2. if non-existent: Nationalists

Effect if successful:

Not Original Capital City: City becomes occupied
Points: 5

Occupation aRW

Reason: occupied City
Type of aRW: Loyalist

Effect if successful: City becomes unoccupied

Anti-tax aRW

Reason: N/A
Type of aRW: Anti-tax
Effect if successful: reducing one type of tax randomly by 50% and cannot be changed until the beginning of next month
Points: 1

Resistance wars

Cost: 20 gold +total population in City*0,02 gold and does not need being at war.
To start it player must be in the City.
The City needs to have a foreign core to be able to start a resistance war.
RW is started by paying the requested amount.
In case more foreign cores are in the same City, starting player has to chose for which Country the RW should start.

Possible Resistance wars:

Core RW

Flag RW

Occupation RW

Regent RW

- if Resistance side wins, the soldier with the highest damage will become new Regent
- if Defenders side wins, old Regent may keep the city

Few days of protection is applied as follows:
- win over 60%: victory - 3 days protection
- win over 75%: heavy victory - 9 days protection
- win over 90%: devastating victory - 15 days protection

War Mechanics

Two countries can fight against each other only in one war
Taxes are paid to occupier countries, but with original country tax rates. Occupied status means citizens living in that city are paying taxes to the occupier country, based on the laws of the occupied country as follows:
To close a War a Peace Treaty (PT) is needed
Initiator countries will be the War Leaders (WL) in the current war
When a new country joins a war on any side, War Leadership will be recalculated, country with the most Cities becomes War Leader
Upon closing war, the joined countries CB can be ‘used’ for the WL closing PT
Any participant country can propose a PT with the enemy War Leader at any time in the War
Countries that are not War Leaders can only negotiate a PT with enemy WL, PT between two non-War Leader countries is not possible
In an individual PT between a WL country, and a non-WL country the CBs of the two involved countries are taken into consideration
The War is closed when the two WL countries sign a peace treaty
Annexation can only be demanded by a WL in a PT
Capital City can only be conquered with Annexation
In case all cities of a country become occupied, country has to accept a PT automatically offered by the enemy President no matter of it's content (Dictate)
Once a Country is Annexed the former Capital raw material resources will switch to a random resource
Once the Capital is freed it will switch back to Capital Resources
Once a Country is Annexed citizens will keep their registration citizenship but will become the conqueror nations citizens
Citizenship can only be revoked (=player can be deported) when registration Country is existent or Annexation happened at least 30 days ago
Once a Country is freed the players may get their initial citizenship back
Once a Country is Annexed all company owner of the former country will be offered to migrate their companies to the new country for a cost of company value/10 (paid to winner country's treasury)

Military ranks

Military ranks are obtained by fighting in battles and add to your damage but only in wars, arena or alien fighting damage is not influenced
Each rank will raise damage output
Changing citizenship will result of starting a new ranking count for the new country
When changing citizenship old ranks will remain but inactive, if citizen returns to country citizenship where he obtained the ranks they will become active again

Enlisted ranks (raise damage output by 5% more for every level)

(Rank - From damage)

  1. Private - 100 000
  2. Private Second Class - 150 000
  3. Private First Class - 240 000
  4. Corporal - 408 000
  5. Sergeant - 734 400
  6. Staff Sergeant - 1 395 360
  7. Sergeant First Class - 2 790 720
  8. Warrant Officer - 5 860 512
  9. Senior Warrant Officer - 12 893 126
  10. Chief Warrant Officer - 30 000 000

Officer ranks (raise damage output by 10% more for every level)

  1. Second Lieutenant - 100 000 000
  2. First Lieutenant - 150 000 000
  3. Captain - 240 000 000
  4. Major - 408 000 000
  5. Lieutenant Colonel - 734 400 000
  6. Colonel - 1 395 360 000
  7. Brigadier General - 2 790 720 000
  8. Major General - 5 860 512 000
  9. Lieutenant General - 12 893 126 000
  10. Colonel General - 30 000 000 000

Battle Mechanics

To attack a City a war must be started first, with a CB explained above
Only those Cities can be attacked which are bordering owned or "occupied" Cities
When in a War, Cities "occupied" by the enemy and belonging to a third country can be attacked too
Every allied country fighting on the same side in the same war can attack an enemy City that they are bordering
An enemy City can only be attacked by one country, cannot be attacked by more countries simultaneously

Costs of attacking a city is 20 gold+total population in City*0,05 gold
Attacking own Core cities is free
Attacking own flagged cities is half as normal

When a WAR is started, in the first 24 hours only the country who started it can initiate an attack on a City
After one side is victorious in a battle it takes the initiative and can start an attack in the current war while the defeated country can't
24 hours after war opening, the attacked country can initiate an attack too in case it has initiative
There are 3 types of outcome in a battle for a City: victory/defeat, heavy victory/defeat, devastating victory/defeat
The time duration of the initiative is based on the victory/defeat type: normal is 1 day, heavy 3 days, devastating 5 days
Initiative is calculated newly after each battle finished
When a country is attacked at the same time by 3 or more countries on it's cities it cannot start an attack
When a City is attacked where a resistance war is already ongoing, attacker country joins the forces of the resistance and does not count into the war as a separate battle
When a Resistance War is started in a city that is already under attack, resistant war fighters join the troops of the attacker country in their battle, no separate resistance war is started
When winning a battle for a foreign City, it becomes "occupied" status

Battles are fought on the actual map of the attacked city
Battles are fought on a grid consisting of hundred squares aligned 10*10
Every square has wall with a minimum "health" of 10000 and maximum of City citizens number multiplied by 1000
Square health can only be attacked when there is no enemy soldier in the actual square. In case there are enemy soldiers they have to be defeated first to be able to attack the wall
Fights against other players do cost only 1 stamina regardless how many stamina is consumed in the actual fight
Fights against the “Wall” do cost normal stamina, one for every hit
Attackers start on the right side of the map, defenders on the left side
Travelling between squares takes 1 minute/square and only owned squares or squares neighboured by owned squares are accessible
After a square is conquered it regains its full "health"
When a soldier is defeated he will be offered the option to rejoin the battle or to leave it
When rejoining the battle soldier start on the starting squares (right for attacker, left for defender)

Battle duration is at least 24 hours (except when it is retreated)
Battles can be retreated in the first 12 hours of the battle and count as normal defeat
After 12 hours ongoing battles cannot be retreated
When the conquered squares owned by attackers are less than 40% of the total squares after the 24 hours end it will be considered a victory for the defending side
When the conquered squares owned by attackers are between 40% and 60% of the total squares after the 24 hours end the battle will continue until it goes either over 60% or under 40%
When the conquered squares owned by attackers are over 60% of the total squares after the 24 hours end (or in extra time) it will be considered a victory for the attacker side and City will become occupied
Victory has three different scales: over 60%: victory; over 75%: heavy victory; over 90%: devastating victory

In case of victory in "occupied" cities by the enemy and belonging to a third country it loses the "occupied" tag (or become occupied by winner if at war with third country too)
Fighting a battle on a third countries occupied city does count as a normal battle in the War
Occupied cities can only be attacked if being at War with occupier

Travelling to battles:

To fight in a battle players have to be in the City where the battle is fought
Battles are accessible by either travelling there or using Teleport Gates
Allied teleport gates are usable in case a country agreement is active
Teleport gates can be obtained from the game through president initiative (but government decision) and are paid by the country: price - 100 gold
Placing cost for a Teleport Gate in the Capital is 60 gold
When a city is conquered, Teleport Gate is demolished
In cities with demolished teleport gates it costs only 25% of the original costs to repair the teleport gate
Players who use Teleport Gates can only travel back with teleport to the original City, from where he left

Gold Rewards for fighting

50 % of the costs of opening a War/Battle go to Game Fund
50 % of the costs of opening a War/Battle go to War/Battle Fund

After the War/Battle is finished the War/Battle Fund is distributed between the TOP 10 Fighters of the winning side as follows (losers get nothing):

Each side of the War/Battle can be motivated. This is done by donating gold to a separate War/Battle Fund.
Donation can be done by countries or individuals.

Separate Fund distribution is as follows: