Prestige (prestige-icon.png) is your main attribute in the game, keep it always on a high value!

It will determine how productive you are as a worker, how much damage you make as a fighter and even the percentage of Taxes you get from your Soldiers and Assistants and how much of a bonus you get for fighting and working. You can increase your prestige by wearing clothes, drinking and eating prestige items, using golf club tickets to check in into golf clubs and by moving in house. Clothes are available on market, you can buy and don't forget to equip them, each piece will increase with 5 points your prestige, you can gather in total 25 prestige points by wearing a full clothes set. Food and drink prestige items are available on market and can be bought from players, companies, countries and game. Eating food will increase with 5 points, drinking prestige drink will increase also with 5 points. Golf club ticket are available on market only from game and it worth 15 points. In total, food, drink and golf club ticket will increase your prestige with 25 pints. To get your full prestige, you have to move in house. You can buy your own house or you can even rent one from other players, countries and from game. Staying in a house will increase your prestige with 30 points.

Prestige min: 20
Clothes: +25 (Duration: 24 h / wear rate) (Wear rate is automatically increased)
Food: +5 (Duration: max. 12 h) (Automatic and manual eating)
Drink: +5 (Duration: max. 12 h) (Automatic and manual drinking)
Golf club ticket: +15 (Duration: max. 24 h) (Automatic and manual check-in)
House: +30 (Duration: renting period)
Prestige max: 100

Prestige will influence the followings:

1. Wage:

While you have your prestige value full, you can work hard and your productivity is higher, so you receive closer to your entire wage for your effort. Otherwise, if your prestige is lower, your working moral is lower as well and you can produce less, in this way, your productivity will decrease and you will receive less than your entire wage for your work. Each prestige point is considered as 0,5% of productivity and your wage is influenced by this value.

productivity = (Prestige + Work Experience) / 2
100 prestige and 100 Work Experience = 100% productivity = Total wage
 50 prestige and 100 Work Experience =  75% productivity = 75% of total wage
 50 prestige and  50 Work Experience =  50% productivity = 50% of total wage
2. Attack damage:

When you attack an alien or even another player, your final attack damage is calculated via the damage formula. This value is also prestige based, so while you have your prestige value full, your final attack damage is higher. With a lower prestige, your damage will decrease too.

damage = <{(Prestige/100)*[(1.5*HP+EP)/1000]*(currentStamina/maxStamina)}*(weaponAttack*(1+nr. of rebirts/10)+X)>
3. Income tax:

You receive income taxes from your soldiers and assistants, but don't forget that these taxes are also prestige based. If you have your prestige value full, than you receive the entire amount of tax, otherwise your income taxes will be decreased. The difference is calculated the same way as in case of Wage, each prestige point is consider 1% from your final income. In such a case, your assistant/soldier will pay less tax from his activity (the difference will remain in his pocket).

e.g: Let's say your assistant has to pay 10 euro tax to you:

100 prestige = 100% income tax = Assistant pay 10 euro, your income is 10 euro
 20 prestige =  20% income tax = Assistant pay 2 euro, your income is 2 euro, (assistant pay 8 euro less tax)
4. Fighting bonus:

After each fight where you are the winner, you receive bonus from country. Each country has defined it's own fighting bonus amount and these bonuses are also prestige based. 1 prestige is 1% of bonus amount

100 prestige = 100% fighting bonus
 20 prestige =  20% fighting bonus

Click the prestige icon (prestige-icon.png) to see your current status.

- In order to activate prestige items and get the prestige from your food, drink or golf club ticket, you have to be equipped with at least one clothing.

- In order to activate prestige house and get your prestige from house, first you have to activate prestige items and use at least one of them.


F.A.Q. about prestige:

What is golf club ticket and where can i find it?
Golf club ticket is a special item used to increase your prestige with +15. You can find it on the market and can be bought from country or from the game.
I have eaten my prestige food but my prestige didn't increased. Why?
Probably because you are not equipped with clothing. Don't forget that Prestige drink, Prestige food and Golf club tickets are the second chain in prestige calculation, 
this means that if you don't wear at least one clothing, you don't receive your prestige for eating, drinking or check-in your club.
Can I stay in my own house?
Yes, you can stay in your own house or you can rent a house from other players, from country or from the game.
Do I need to keep my prestige on 100 all the time?
It is not always necessary to keep your prestige on 100, see what your prestige will influence and calculate whether it is worth for you or not.
When is my prestige decreased?
When your prestige item duration will end, your prestige value will decrease.