Terms and conditions

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1 Public Rules

1. Do not excessively troll or flame other players.

1.2. Do not create character names that may be offensive. If we receive complaints, you will be offered a


1.3. Please don't spam.

1.4. Respect other players' opinions and play styles. Do not accuse others of being unlegit unless you have

undeniable evidence and have contacted the Admin.

2 Account rules

2.1. Multi-accounting is not allowed. One real person can only possess one account.

2.1.1. Usage of the same IP for more than one account is allowed under the strict rule that there should be no

money transfer between different accounts with the same IP. If money transfer happens it will be treated as

multi-accounting and all involved account will get baned.

2.2. No feeding is allowed. Per definition feeding is when between two or more accounts money is transferred

by over- or underpriced selling of products on a regular basis and with no return in value, being a one-sided

feeding of the main account. If you are caught doing so, your account will be blocked.

3 Hacking

3.1. Any harmful hacking will get your account blocked.

3.2. Any hacking which gives you an advantage in the game is not tolerated. If you are caught doing so, your

account will be blocked.

4 Bugs and Updates

4.1. If you wish to report a bug, use the existing topic in the forum and provide all of the information you

have about what occurred.

4.2. Do not post about a known bug unless you can provide further information about it.

4.3. If you have suffered losses due to a bug, please contact the game support with details on the bug and the

losses you suffered.