Battle Map

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Imagine the battle area as a chess table: the first column on each side is the DMZ (Demilitarized) zone.

The columns are named from 1 to 10 while the rows are from A to J (e.g. first cell is A1).

Resistance cells are colored with red while Defender cells are marked with green.

To change your position on the battle area select your next position cell (you can choose only cells with black border) and click the GO button.

Your goal is to conquer your enemy cells. To do that, go to one of your enemy's cell, click on the wall marker and demolish the wall.


To join the battle click the "Join" button. If the battle type is training or tournament, the game will assign you randomly to the Resistance (red) or Defense (green) side, otherwise you can choose your desire battle side.

You can see anytime the current status for the battle. Keep an eye on the battle end time time, because the winnings will be distributed once the battle is over and you will receive your money and items only if your side is the winner

You can check your current ranking in the Top-list points. You can also check the status of the players fighting on the other side

Based on your position, you can see how much money, xp points or items will you receive if your team will be the winner.



Training battle


Tournament battle

Motivate battle

Tournament battle can be motivated the same way as a normal battle, but at the end both the Attacker and Defender motivation funds are added to the Main fund, and then distributed to the winners:


  1. Players who motivate a battle can get up to 50% damage bonus (based on the amount of money the use to motivate).
  2. Soldiers who fight in a motivated battle, on the motivated side also get damage bonus.

Formula: Battle damage = normal damage*((100+(SMQ/BF)*50+(((MQ-SMQ)/BF)*5)))/100)
(MQ: Motivation Quantity SMQ: Self motivation quantity BF: Base Fund set by the Empires)

Best soldier (who places 1st on the winner side) will be awarded a Tournament Winner Cup: (by clicking the little red icon next to the zoom icon)


A player needs to win 3 Tournaments in a row to become the Tournament Winner Cup owner.
Tournament Winner Cup Owner is rewarded with the following items every time he wins another Cup:

  • 1 x Special item: Double XP
  • 1 x Special item: Double PP
  • 1 x Special item: Triple PP
  • 1 x Special item: Double DP
  • 1 x Special item: Triple DP
  • 100 x Red Agra
  • 200 x Blue Agra
  • 300 x White Agra

Ownership of Tournament Winner Cup is lost if player fails to place 1st on the winner side of the next Tournament.

Tournament damage is counted in the Military ranks, but it does not count for the Empire bonus
There is no bonus for shooting the walls, only the rewards at the end of the Tournament
Main fund money amount is calculated and set around midnight

Event battle


Battles overview

Function Training battle Tournament battle Other battles
Show/Hide grid cells : Yes Yes Yes
Show/Hide wall : Yes Yes Yes
Show/Hide players : Yes Yes Yes
Teleport between cells : Yes Yes Yes
Cell distance : 60 sec 60 sec 60 sec
Swap weapons directly : No Yes Yes
Instant user stamina capsule items : No Yes Yes
Rebuild own wall : No Yes Yes
Can choose battle side : No (Random) No (Random) Yes
Leave battle area without penalty : Yes No No
PvP : No Yes Yes
Stamina not decreased : Yes No No
Weapon wear rate not decreased : Yes No No