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In Golden Battles, Towers are special buildings which are designed to help and protect players in their fights. A city can have only one tower at a time, but each tower can be upgraded from level 1 to level 5. The value of a tower is represented by war competition points.

The following table will show you the benefits of a tower based on it's level:

tower lvl1 cover.png tower lvl2 cover.png tower lvl3 cover.png tower lvl4 cover.png tower lvl5 cover.png
Tower level 1 Tower level 2 Tower level 3 Tower level 4 Tower level 5
Defense power: +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Attack power: +5% +10% +15% +20% +25%
Alien countdown time: -1s -2s -3s -4s -5s
Drop rate bonus: +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
XP multiplier: +20% +40% +60% +80% +100%
War competition points: 1 point 3 points 7 points 13 points 20 points

Benefits given by a tower can be enjoyed only by players who are fighting in same side of the war competition.

For eg.: Let's say Belarus and Germany are fightning in AVENGERS side and Indonesia is fighning in PURGE side (for the complete list check the war competition help)
If there is a Tower with level 4 in Berlin (capital of Germany), every citizens of Belarus and Germany located in Berlin will benefit from the bonuses given by this tower while citizens of Indonesia will not have any bonuses.


Building a tower

To build a tower the citizens of the country has to work together in country workplaces. These workplaces are managed by the president of each country. The president is allowed to open new headquarter in any city, but he/she cannot change the wage. The wage in country workplaces is the same with the unemployment benefits wage. Taking jobs from country workplaces has the same workflow as working for private companies. Working takes 8 hours but the player will receive his wage from the country. To start working and building a tower go to Economy/Jobs and check the country workplace below the private company workplaces list.


Check existing towers

You can check existing towers on game map:


Managing towers by the president

Country workplaces are provided by country companies which can be managed only by the president. The president will identify a new company (TOWER) in his/her companies list (Possessions/Companies). Similar to other companies, TOWER company also need to have a financial capital to work properly. This financial capital will be provided by the country treasury.

Money: To insert money from the country treasury, the president has to propose the money amount he want to invest and the government members has to vote for it. To propose, go to Country/Financials/Money/Balances, select the local currency or EURO from the list and click the Propose to invest button. The government members can vote for or against in Country/Financials/Money/Country company operations tab.
Machine: unlimited, provided by the game
Blueprints: unlimited, provided by the game
Materials: every TOWER company start with materials enough to build 5 towers. Additional materials can be added by the president using the country warehouse resources. To do this, the president has to navigate to Country/Warehouse, select the material from the list and click the Insert into company button. Other players can also contribute with they own materials if they want too by donating materials to country warehouse. To do this, navigate to Country/Warehouse, select the material you want to donate and click the Donate button.

A tower is a very valuable building. To build it, you will need the following parts:


Once a tower is fully build, the president can choose a city where he/she want to place it. To do this, navigate to company Inventory/Products and click the Place item button.


Note that you will need a headquarter in the city where you want to place this tower.


What happens with countries without president?
Country workplaces will be closed and they cannot build towers (or place any existing towers) until they elect another president.
I am the president and my country don't want to build towers any more, what can i do?
Building towers is not mandatory, you can close the workplaces in TOWER company. 
I want to change the wage for building towers, can I?
No, this wage cannot be changed. If you want a higher salary, work for private companies.
Can I build towers in other countries from my team?
Yes, if your country has a Free flow of workforce agreement with that country.
I want to help my country to build more towers, what can I do?
1. Work in country workplaces job
2. Donate materials to country warehouse
3. Donate money to country
Do I really need a tower? What are my personal benefits?
Building towers in a city is not mandatory, however you will personally benefits from bonuses. (check the list from the top of the page). 
For eg. if the city where you fight has a tower with level 3, every time you fight:
- you will be stronger (Defense power +30%, Attack power +15%)
- your chance to pick up dropped items will be higher (Drop rate bonus: +30%) 
- you will level up faster because you receive more XP (XP bonus: +60%)
Is there any expiration time for a tower?
There is no expiration time. Towers will be destroyed only if your city is occupied. (more details can be found in war competition help)
My team failed in war competition, will I still benefits from my tower bonuses?
Yes, you (and players from your team) will still receive these bonuses
Attacker power bonus is counting together with other modifiers (like PP, Military rank)?
No, only for your weapon raw power. Check this e.g.:
   Weapon hit power = 200
Tower level 3 bonus = 60 (30% of 200)
Military Rank bonus = 500
                 PP = 500
        Total power = 1260
Aliens countdown time, what is that?
Waiting time before you may click the Fight button. With a level 5 tower waiting time is 0, so you may click it instantly.
Note that it is only for non-aggressive aliens. For aggressive ones there is still time to throw the trap net.