Affiliate program

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Golden Battles affiliate program is a type of advertising-based-marketing which provides a unique way for real life companies to promote their products or services using the game network without any effort. The main concept of this program is to bring together the real life products and services with the virtual goods offered by the Golden Battles Game. This affiliate program was introduced on 2015 June by Golden Webmedia Llc.

How does it works?

This program overlaps the conventional paid advertising methods with a direct affiliate-costumer workout.
Using this method, the affiliate company is directly bind with Golden Battles players through his product or service
and Golden Webmedia Llc. will not receive any payment for advertising. To advertise a product or service, the
affiliate company has to offer one of his own product, service or gift card(voucher) in exchange of the payment.
This is feasible under the terms and conditions of the affiliate contract between Golden Webmedia Llc. and the
affiliate company, having the following workflow:

1. Company sign the affiliate contract with Golden Webmedia Llc.
2. The offered reward(product or service) will be published on the Golden Battles winning store
3. The players are gathering store points and they can redeem the product
4. The company will pay (with his own product) only when the winning store item is redeemed

What are the benefits for a company?

  1. Advertising without money payment: offering an own product or service as reward, the company can
    reduce significantly the costs of advertising
  2. Link exchange: a link to your site or product will be displayed on 3 different places:
    a) Ingame winning store: Golden Battles players will often see the link and name of the company
    b) Public list of winnings: (Comming soon)
    c) Game help: the list of winnings are displayed on winning store help
  3. Worldwide audience with targeting location: restrict your product/service location to a given city or country
    so only customers (players) from you location will redeem your rewards while your link and company name
    will be visible worldwide
  4. Promoting on a dynamically growing network: Golden Battles is a massive multiplayer game where
    thousands of active and newly registered players are online
  5. Advertise visible up to 6 months: even if your product was redeemed by players, it will be visible on the
    winning store (with no more available tag)

What are the benefits for players?

  1. Play for fun: players can accumulate store points from they activity while playing the game as usual
  2. Convert virtual goods into real winnings:



Golden Webmedia Llc. assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever in connection with any third party's services or products