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    + '''What is this?'''  
    + Winning store is a Golden Battles special market where players can redeem store items using their [[Winning_store_points|store points]].  
    + '''What kind of winnings are?'''  
    + There are different type of winnings based on the [[Affiliate_program|affiliate program]].  
    + # '''Golden Battles ingame:''' These are special items which can be used on Golden Battles game  
    + # '''Money back:''' Increase your money balance (without any restriction regarding your withdraws)  
    + # '''Gift card:''' You can buy items from a given web shop. Using the code from this gift card your final payment will be subtracted with the given value.  
    + # '''Holiday:''' increase your money balance  
    + # '''Service:''' Use a third party service  
    + # '''Product:''' increase your money balance  
    + Golden Webmedia Llc. assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever in connection with any third party's services or products  
    + '''Where can I see the list of winnings?'''  
    + You can see the list of winnings on three way:  
    + # Ingame: You need to login first, expend the navigation bar and select the "Store" menu.  
    + # Worldwide: Anybody can see the list of winnings by this URL: []  
    + # Help: You can find below the list of the winnings  
  = List of winnings =    = List of winnings =