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    + <u>''Terms and conditions valid from 2013.11.11 00:00''</u>  
    + '''1 Subject of the Terms of Service'''  
    + 1.1 The following terms regulate the use of the online game Golden Battles provided by Golden Webmedia Llc., available at .  
    + 1.2 Golden Webmedia Llc. offers the Golden Battles online game within the framework of their technical and operational capabilities with an average annual availability of 99%. This does not include periods of time during which the use of the Game are interrupted or affected by compelling technical reasons or required maintenance work. In these cases Golden Webmedia Llc. is not obliged to provide compensation in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. Periods of time, during which the servers of Golden Webmedia Llc. are unavailable on the internet due to reasons beyond Golden Webmedia Llc.'s control (force majeure, third party responsibility etc.) are also not included.  
    + 1.3 The online games are continuously being developed, updated and adjusted further by Golden Webmedia Llc. In regards to that, Terms of Service are subject of change.  
    + 1.4 Users are responsible for the suitability and up-to-dateness of their personal hardware and software. The use of Antivirus software and a Firewall is highly recommended.  
    + 1.5 The Terms apply to all users of the Games. By playing Golden Battles the users agree on the Terms and accept these as binding. The users are asked to accept them upon registration.  
    + '''2 Conditions of Registration'''  
    + 2.1 User registration is required for the use of the online game Golden Battles, offered by Golden Webmedia Llc.  
    + 2.2 Only natural persons are eligible for registration. Only individuals will be accepted as authorized users (no groups, families, spouses or life partners, etc.).  
    + 2.3 By accepting this agreement in connection with an user account, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age and you have the legal authority to enter into this agreement.  
    + 2.4 During registration, users have to provide a player name and a valid, registered e-mail address. Usage of disposable e-mail addresses for the purpose of registering is not permitted. Users are not entitled to receive a particular player name. The player name may not infringe rights of third parties and may also not offend common decency. Moreover, no e-mail or web address may be chosen as the player name. Users have to ensure that the information provided to Golden Webmedia Llc. during registration is genuine and complete.  
    + 2.5 The registration must be conducted in person. Registration through third parties, especially those that register individual people commercially at various teleservice providers (registration services and/or entry services), is not permitted.  
    + 2.6 With the successful registration, the user opens an account ("user account") which the user manages independently. Without the explicit consent of Golden Webmedia Llc., the user account is not transferable and if caught so will result in the banning of all involved accounts.  
    + '''3 User Obligations'''  
    + 3.1 Users agree to provide Golden Webmedia Llc. with all future changes of their registration data, especially a change in the e-mail address, without delay. Users are obliged to confirm the accuracy of their data towards Golden Webmedia Llc. upon request.  
    + 3.2 Users are obliged to keep login data as well as all identification and passwords strictly confidential.  
    + 3.3 The terms "user name", "player name" and "password" include all letter and/or character and/or number sequences, used to authenticate users and to prevent use by an unauthorized third party. The password should not be identical with the player name, and it should consist of a combination of numbers and letters.  
    + 3.4 Users are obliged to protect all personal data and password from unauthorized access of third parties.  
    + 3.5 Users are under no circumstances entitled to use the personal data and/or password of another user.  
    + 3.6 The use of Golden Webmedia Llc.'s internet sites through an anonymization service that is hiding the true IP address of the user is not permitted.  
    + 3.7 The user is only entitled to use the game via common web browsers. Any additional use with additional programs, scripts or other supporting tools is prohibited.  
    + 3.8 Golden Webmedia Llc. websites include various contents that are protected by trademarks, copyrights or other means in favor of Golden Webmedia Llc. or for the benefit of third parties. Copyright information and brand names may not be changed, suppressed or eliminated.  
    + 3.9 Users are obliged to abstain from any measure which may compromise or interrupt the proper functioning of Golden Webmedia Llc.s internet sites or individual services, as well as from accessing data to which users is not entitled to.  
    + '''4 Data protection'''  
    + 4.1 Golden Webmedia Llc. shall handle all personal data which the user submits during the contractual relations strictly confidentially and in compliance with all relevant data protection regulations.  
    + 4.2 For technical reasons, participation in the game is not possible without saving user data. The user agrees to the electronic saving and processing of his/her data by applying to open a game account.  
    + '''5. Specific terms for the Use of Golden Battles'''  
    + 5.1 Public Rules  
    + 5.1.1. Excessive trolling or flaming other users is not permitted.  
    + 5.1.2. Creation of character names that may be offensive is not permitted. In case of complaints a name-change will be offered.  
    + 5.1.3. Spamming is not permitted in any form.  
    + 5.1.4. Accusation of other users of being unlegit unless the user has undeniable evidence and has contacted the Admin on beforehand is not permitted.  
    + 5.2 Account rules  
    + 5.2.1. Multi-accounting is not allowed. One real person can only possess one account.  
    + Usage of the same IP for more than one account is allowed under the strict rule that there should be no money transfer between different accounts with the same IP. If money transfer happens it will be treated as multi-accounting and all involved accounts will get banned.  
    + 5.2.2. No feeding is allowed. Per definition feeding is when between two or more accounts money is transferred by extremely over- or underpriced selling of products or services on a regular basis and with no return in value, being a one-sided feeding of the main account. In case of caught doing so all involved accounts will be blocked.  
    + 5.2.3. For restarting an account the usage of the "Restart" button is the only way permitted. Creating a new account for the purposes of getting another leader/mentor is strictly fordibben and will result in banning both the new and the old account as well as the instigator account.  
    + 5.3 Hacking  
    + 5.3.1. Any harmful hacking will get the users account blocked.  
    + 5.3.2. Any hacking which gives the user an advantage in the game is not tolerated. In case of caught doing so all involved accounts will be blocked.  
    + 5.4 Bugs  
    + 5.4.1. To report a bug the user shall use the email address provided by the game support and provide all of the information the user has about what occurred.  
    + 5.4.2. Posting possible major or critical bugs/exploits on the forum or chat is not permitted.  
    + 5.4.3. In case the user suffered losses due to a bug, game support shall be contacted with details on the bug and the losses suffered.  
    + '''6. Virtual Property'''  
    + 6.1 Virtual euros, gold and any national currency are exclusive property of Golden Webmedia Llc.  
    + 6.2 Virtual goods including any item, company, assistant or soldier do not represent a real value.  
    + 6.3 Users are permitted to sale the usage rights on any virtual property owned by Golden Webmedia Llc. only to other users who are possessing a game account and have accepted the Term of Service upon registering.  
    + 6.4 By purchasing virtual euros users get the exclusive right to use the property of Golden Webmedia Llc. for game purposes for the value of the purchase. Value of virtual gold and currencies is subject of change according to ingame developments.  
    + 6.5 Withdrawing euros from the game will result in the user selling Golden Webmedia Llc. the exclusive rights to use its own property back (e.g. virtual euros) in the value of the same amount. Fees of withdrawing are paid by the user.  
    + '''7. Breach of Duty and Liability'''  
    + 7.1 Golden Webmedia Llc. is not liable for damages resulting from a breach of duty by users.  
    + 7.2 Independently of additional legal or contractual rights Golden Webmedia Llc. may take action against users who are in breach with Terms of Service according to it's own judgement based on the Game Rules and Terms of Service.  
    + 7.3 By registering and accepting the Terms of Service users agree to accept the decisions made and actions taken by Golden Webmedia Llc. based on the Terms of Service and Game Rules without any follow-up legal actions taken.  
    + 7.4 If users have been blocked or banned, they may not log in again without prior consent of Golden Webmedia Llc..  
    + '''8 Communication Facilities and Advertising'''  
    + 8.1 Users provide Golden Webmedia Llc. with the permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive right to use the content that they post by using the communication facilities provided by the game. However users assume responsibility for their published contents and commit to releasing Golden Webmedia Llc. entirely of any third- party claims or lawsuits.  
    + 8.2 Users are prohibited from publishing content that:  
    + - violates the law, is improper or is immoral  
    + - violates trade marks, patents, utility or design patterns, copyrights, trade secrets or other rights of third parties  
    + - is obscene or racist nature  
    + 8.3 The use of advertising suppressing measures is prohibited. It is irrevelant whether advertising is deliberately suppressed or generally blocked e .g. by so-called Pop-Up Blockers, text-based browers or similar.  
    + 8.4 Advertising is only permitted in the form the game is offering it. Any advertising of outgame products, services or websites on the forums in chat or personal messages without the prior consent of Golden Webmedia Llc. is strictly forbidden.  
    + <u>''Terms and conditions valid until 2013.11.10 23:59:59''</u>  
  '''1 Public Rules'''    '''1 Public Rules'''