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(Tournament battle)
(Motivate battle)
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  == Motivate battle ==    == Motivate battle == 
- Tournament battle can be motivated the same way as a normal battle, but at the end both the Attacker and Defender motivation funds are added to the Main fund, and then distributed to the winners:      
- [[Image:tournament-battle-motivate.png]]      
- # Players who motivate a battle can get '''up to 50% damage bonus''' (based on the amount of money the use to motivate).      
- # Soldiers who fight in a motivated battle, on the motivated side also get damage bonus.      
- '''Formula:''' Battle damage = normal damage*((100+(SMQ/BF)*50+(((MQ-SMQ)/BF)*5)))/100)      
- <br/>(MQ: Motivation Quantity SMQ: Self motivation quantity BF: Base Fund set by the Empires)      
- Best soldier (who places 1st on the winner side) will be awarded a Tournament Winner Cup:      
- (by clicking the little red icon next to the zoom icon)      
- [[Image:tournament-winner-cup.png]]      
- A player needs to win 3 Tournaments in a row to become the Tournament Winner Cup owner. <br/>      
- Tournament Winner Cup Owner is rewarded with the following items every time he wins another Cup:      
- * 1 x Special item: Double XP      
- * 1 x Special item: Double PP      
- * 1 x Special item: Triple PP      
- * 1 x Special item: Double DP      
- * 1 x Special item: Triple DP      
- * 100 x Red Agra      
- * 200 x Blue Agra      
- * 300 x White Agra      
- Ownership of Tournament Winner Cup is lost if player fails to place 1st on the winner side of the next Tournament.      
- '''Notes:''' <br/>      
- Tournament damage is counted in the Military ranks, but it does not count for the Empire bonus<br/>      
- There is no bonus for shooting the walls, only the rewards at the end of the Tournament<br/>      
- Main fund money amount is calculated and set around midnight      
  == Event battle ==    == Event battle ==