Version Differences for Battle Map

(Battle functions overview)
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  [[Image:battle-points.jpg]]    [[Image:battle-points.jpg]] 
    + == Training battle ==  
    + TODO  
    + == Tournament battle ==  
    + Advanced players (level 8 or more) are welcome to fight in the Tournament battles.  
    + It is not needed to travel there, players can participate regardless of their current location.  
    + Tournament battles start every day at 21:00 (server time) and last for at least 24 hours.  
    + Tournament Fund will be set by the Empires, 30% of Empire bonus will be transferred to the Main Fund of the battle.  
    + All players of the winner side get a share of the rewards (not just TOP10), based on the amount of damage they inflict.  
    + To enter the Training Battle page just click the displayed banner, which is located in the Home menu and looks like this:  
    + == Event battle ==  
    + TODO  
  = Battles overview =    = Battles overview =