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(Tournament battle)
(Tournament battle)
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  == Tournament battle ==    == Tournament battle == 
- Advanced players (level 8 or more) are welcome to fight in the Tournament battles.      
- It is not needed to travel there, players can participate regardless of their current location.      
- Tournament battles start every day at 21:00 (server time) and last for at least 24 hours.      
- Tournament Fund will be set by the Empires, 30% of Empire bonus will be transferred to the Main Fund of the battle.      
- All players of the winner side get a share of the rewards (not just TOP10), based on the amount of damage they inflict.      
- To enter the Training Battle page just click the displayed banner, which is located in the Home menu and looks like this:      
- [[Image:tournament-banner.png]]      
- You will be redirected to the War menus, with the Battle map and the Tournament battle already selected:      
- [[Image:tournament-battle.png]]      
- You can check the winners of older Tournament battles if you click on Show all battles radio button.      
- First step is to join by clicking the Join tournament (random side) button.      
- Game will assign you randomly to the Attacker (red) or Defense (green) side.      
- Tournament battle walls start with 100000 (100k) HP, and it is raised by 30% every time it is rebuilt.      
- Soldiers can also choose to build their own walls, making it harder for the enemy:      
- [[Image:tournament-build-activation.png]]      
- A Launcher will be needed for building, the walls can absorb its energy. Energy absorbed by the walls will also count as player "damage".      
  == Motivate battle ==    == Motivate battle ==