Version Differences for Battle Map

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    + Imagine the battle area as a chess table: the first column on each side is the DMZ (Demilitarized) zone.  
    + The columns are named from 1 to 10 while the rows are from A to J (e.g. first cell is A1).  
    + Resistance cells are colored with red while Defender cells are marked with green.  
    + To change your position on the battle area select your next position cell (you can choose only cells with black border) and click the GO button.  
    + Your goal is to conquer your enemy cells. To do that, go to one of your enemy's cell, click on the wall marker and demolish the wall.  
    + [[Image:battle-map-functions.jpg]]  
  === Battle map functions ===    === Battle map functions === 
    + Join battle  
    + Click this button NOW and the game will assign you randomly to the Resistance (red) or Defense (green) side  
    + Battle status  
    + Here you can see the current status for the battle  
    + Battle end time  
    + Keep an eye on this time. The winnings will be distributed once the battle is over and you will receive your winnings only if your side is the winner  
    + Top-list points  
    + You can check your current ranking in the bellow list. You can also check the status of the players fighting on the other side  
    + Refresh battle points  
    + Don't forget to click this button if you want to be up to date with the current damage points  
    + Winnings  
    + Now that you know your position, you can see how much money and xp points will you receive  
    + Finished! Good luck  
    + Great! Now you can start to destroy your enemy walls. All you have to do is to click on a wall marker and destroy it. With this button you can go back to chat if you want. Thank you for watching this guide, for any further questions you can check the Forum here  
    + [[Image:battle-points.jpg]]  
    + === Battle map functions overview ===  
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