What is Practice?

With practice, you can train yourself and collect Pierce points (PP), all you have to do is to hit the target. To be able to practice, you need to be equipped with a weapon, same as other fights, and have at least one stamina. To start, go to Fights & Wars / Practice tab. Practice is daily, you can try at any time, but once you succeed, you have to wait until the next day (midnight). The result of your hit can be one of the followings:

Missing shot: - you didn't hit the target and you receive no pierce point
Injury: - you missed the target, but during your shot you were injury, you lost 5% - 10% of health
Serious injury: - you missed the target, but during your shot you were seriously injury, you lost 10% - 20% of health
Success shot: - you hit successfully the target and you receive your next PP point

Once you're shot is successful, your next PP points are added to your total points. You can see your total points at the practice overview or at player overview. Next pierce points are calculated in the following way: when it is your first practice day, you receive 1 PP point. After that, each day +0.1 is added to your next point. If you miss one day to practice, your current next PP point is subtracted from your total points. Pierce Points from Practice will be added to your Total Points after successful accomplishment of the daily Practice. Let's take an example:

Successfully practicing each day:                      Skipping daily practice: 
Day 1:  PP total = 0        PP next = +1               ........
Day 2:  PP total = 1        PP next = +1.1             Day 15: PP total = 23.1      PP next = -2.4
Day 3:  PP total = 2.1      PP next = +1.2             ........
Day 4:  PP total = 3.3      PP next = +1.3             Day 26:  PP total = 4.6      PP next = -1.4
Day 5:  PP total = 4.6      PP next = +1.4             Day 27:  PP total = 3.3      PP next = -1.3
........                                               Day 28:  PP total = 2.1      PP next = -1.2
Day 15: PP total = 23.1     PP next = +2.4             Day 29:  PP total = 1        PP next = -1.1
........                                               Day 30:  PP total = 0        PP next = -1

The chances of success may vary dependant on the type of weapons used:

Weapon Chance of success Chance of missing Chance of injury Chance of serious injury
- 10% 75% 10% 5%
- 15% 70% 10% 5%
- 20% 65% 10% 5%
- 25% 60% 10% 5%
- 30% 55% 10% 5%

Practice places

There are three different practice places where you can train yourself. First place is available for everybody, the second one stay locked until you reach level 31 (grade G).


During your practice

Depending on your weapon, you can choose between physical or energy hit. No matter which firing type you choose, your success probability wont change, it is based on your weapon. Your weapon wear rate is showing in the left bottom corner while your health, ep and stamina in the right top corner. Your current PP points, next PP point and hitting result is displayed in the left center side. If you run out of stamina, you can recharge at any time by clicking on the stamina pack icon. If you run out of Ep, you can recharge your weapon by clicking the Reload EP button.


F.A.Q. about Practice

Do I really need to practice?
Practicing is optionally, nobody force you to practice. Take your decision if is worth for you or not.
Will I get other benefits from successful practice, like dropped items or XP?
No, with practicing you can collect only Pierce points, you will not get any XP, Items or bonuses from your daily practice.
How much is the maximum number of Pierce Points that can be accumulated?
It is the maximum number of Pierce points that someone theoretically could have accumulated if he/she started practicing on 2013.07.03 and did not miss a day since then.