Fighters fund

Game is rewarding the brave Soldiers who fight in the war battles with a non-taxable, prestige based bonus paid based on the number of hits.

Details can be found in the Fighters' Fund War menu:

fighters fund.png

The required hits and corresponding rewards are per battle. Every hit streak has separate rewards, more hits per battle mean more bonuses.


  • player with 100 prestige decides to fight in two battles
  • player lands 10 hits in the first battle and gets 0.05 EURO for the Killing spree
  • player lands 50 hits in the second battle and gets 0.05 EURO when at Killing spree, extra 0.075 EURO for Killing frenzy and an additional 0.125 EURO for Overkill

After finishing the 60 hits player will have a total of 0.3 EURO from Fighters' Fund.


  1. bonuses from the Fighters' Fund are paid only if there is enough money in the Fund
  2. bonuses are not paid for hitting in the RWs, Events, Tournament or Training battles