Fight Information

Fights are carried out in real time.

Actions are not taken right on click but after the Action Time ends.

In order to be able to fight you will need a Weapon.

Damage is calculated with the following formula:
Weapon damage = <{(Prestige/100)*[(1.5*HP+EP)/1000]*(currentStamina/maxStamina)}*(weaponAttack*(1+nr. of rebirts/10)+X)>
Total damage = (Weapon damage - Armor defense) + PP - DP

Value X is calculated based on the level difference between Soldier and Leader.

If Leader has higher level than Soldier, X has positive value (BONUS). X for bonus = 0,25*WeaponATK-(SQRT(1/(((LeaderLVL-YourLVL)*100)/LeaderLVL)))*0,25*WeaponATK

If Leader has lower level than Soldier, X has negative value (MALUS). X for malus = ((SQRT(((YourLVL-LeaderLVL)*100)/LeaderLVL))/10)*(0,25*WeaponATK)

Note 1: level difference is calculated with the virtual levels based on XP (see Levels)
Note 2: players without Leader are considered as having the Game as Leader, with Game having level 1.
Note 3: if attacker's damage is more than the 10% of defender's max. HP, but all/most of the damage was defended, an energy shock wave is created, which inflicts 10% damage (of max. HP) on defender.
If attacker's damage is less than the 10% of defender's max. HP, all damage is inflicted.

Note 4: MALUS is not taken into consideration after 3rd Rebirth.

Full defense does not exist. Part of the damage done by the attacker will always be dealt to the defender (see Note 3).

The fighter who's HP drops to 0 will lose the fight.

There are two different forms of fights available: