Frequently Asked Questions

1. I can't see a specific menu point. Why is that?

You can customize your menubar in your Profile under GUI Preferences

2. I noticed that damage is not always the same. How is damage calculated?

Your damage is calculated with the following formula:
Weapon damage = <{(Prestige/100)*[(1.5*HP+EP)/1000]*(currentStamina/maxStamina)}*(weaponAttack*(1+nr. of rebirts/10)+X)>
Total damage = (Weapon damage - Armor defense) + PP - DP

Value X is calculated based on the level difference between Soldier and Leader.

If Leader has higher level than Soldier, X has positive value (BONUS).
X for bonus = 0,25*WeaponATK-(SQRT(1/(((LeaderLVL-YourLVL)*100)/LeaderLVL)))*0,25*WeaponATK

If Leader has lower level than Soldier, X has negative value (MALUS).
X for malus = ((SQRT(((YourLVL-LeaderLVL)*100)/LeaderLVL))/10)*(0,25*WeaponATK)

Note 1: level difference is calculated with the virtual levels based on XP (see Levels)
Note 2: players without Leader are considered as having the Game as Leader, with Game having level 1.
Note 3: if attacker's damage is more than the 10% of defender's max. HP, but all/most of the damage was defended, an energy shock wave is created, which inflicts 10% damage (of max. HP) on defender.
If attacker's damage is less than the 10% of defender's max. HP, all damage is inflicted.

Note 4: MALUS is not taken into consideration after 3rd Rebirth.

3. How can I raise my HP?

HP can be refilled with War food. To refill your HP go to Possessions -> Inventory -> Food -> War menu, select the desired food and press Eat now.

4. How can I raise my CP?

CP can be refilled with War drinks. To refill your CP go to Possessions -> Inventory -> Drinks -> War menu, select the desired drink and press Drink now.

5. What is the regeneration rate of Stamina?

One Stamina is regenerated every 20 minutes.

6. What is the regeneration rate of HP, CP?

Is does not regerate yet. You can only refill it with consumable products.

7. Where can I find my referral link?

It is under your Profile - My Data.

8. Where can I see my referrals?

You find them under Possessions - Soldiers & Assistants - Assistants

9. Where can I buy game shares?

You can set your Buy Offer under Game - Shares - Specify my buying offer

10. What is a Buying Offer?

With a Buying Offer you can specify a price and amount for the product you want to buy. If someone wants to sell you the desired product for your specified price he can do that by accepting your offer.

11. I found a bug, where can i report it?

We are working hard to make the game better and better. If you found a bug or a strange behavior you can report here