All active countries can have a Government voted by the players. A country is considered active if there are at least 10 companies and at least 10 active players.

All company owners who have reached level 7 or higher can become a candidate for the Country's President or Governor.

To be able to register and run as a candidate in the Elections you will have to pay the Election Candidacy Fee set by the Country's Laws. The candidacy fee is denominated and paid in euro; these funds are then added to the national treasury's Euro balance, where they can later be sold by the country for Gold on the Exchange Euro page.

You can register your candidacy at any time during the first or second days of the month. When you register, you will be able to fill in your "election speech" where you can introduce yourself as a candidate and describe your intentions, views, or policy goals for the following month in the event that you are elected president or governor. Currently there is a 65,000 character length limit on the text that you can submit for the election speech description.

After the candidate registration period ends, the election itself is held on the 3rd of each month. If you active and at least level 7, you may vote for any candidate, but if you are also running in the election as a candidate, it is recommended that you vote for yourself because at least 1 vote is required to be elected as Governor or President. If the voting period ends and you still have zero votes, you will NOT become President or Governor even if you were the only candidate in the election.

The candidate with the most votes becomes the President. In case two or more players have the same number of votes, the player with the highest XP will become President.

The candidate with the second most votes and all following ones up to 10 (that is, 2nd through 11th place) will become a Governor.

The mandate of the new Government begins on the 4th of each month at 00:00 server time.