Companies can produce Materials, and Finished Products.

You can create, modify and manage your Companies in the Possessions menu, Companies submenu.


Creating a Company

Companies have different costs depending on their type:

Raw material Companies:

Iron-Steel: 1 Euro

Wood-Paper: 1 Euro

Latex-Rubber: 1 Euro

Oil-Petrol: 1 Euro

Hydrogen-Phosphorus-Phosphoric acid: 1 Euro

Meat-Skin-Leather: 1 Euro

Grain-Flour-Malt: 1 Euro

Cotton-Thread-Metallic thread-Textile: 1 Euro

Finished Products Companies:

Magazines: 1 Euro (+ optional Monetizing package)

Machines: 7 Euro

Food: 5 Euro

Drinks: 5 Euro

Clothing: 5 Euro

Armors: 7 Euro

Equipment: 7 Euro

Weapons: 7 Euro

Transportation: 7 Euro

Houses: 5 Euro

Trade Company: 10 Euro

Company Financials

In the Company's Financials section you can invest or withdraw money to keep it running or to collect your profits.

Company Shares

Every company has 100 Shares what can be traded freely on the Market

The player with the most Shares has control over the Company's administration.

Shares also provide dividends from succesful selling of Products to Shareholders

Company Inventory

In the Company's Inventory you will find all components that are needed for production and the Products themselves.

Machines: Machines are needed for production in Companies and will give a bonus depending on the succes of your company.

Blueprints: Blueprints are the basic components in Companies that will allow you to produce goods. For every piece of product produced you will need one Blueprint. Only exceptions are basic raw material Companies, here you will only need one Blueprint for unlimited number of production.

Materials: Materials are raw materials can be produced in specific City only where the resource can be found.

Products: Products are basically all goods produced by a Company.

Company Headquarters

You can only sell or buy Goods in Cities where your Company has it's Headquarters.

Opening a Headquarter has a fee of 1 Euro for each City

You can open Headquarters only in Cities that are owned by the Country where you created your Company.

Company Workplaces

A Company needs Workplaces where players can work.

Opening a Workplace has a fee of 1 Euro each.

In the Workplaces section of your Company you can create new Workplaces and assign them to a City

You can also change here everytime the Salaries and the allocated City or even set the Workplace inactive.

The workplace history is also accessible from here, where you will find all data and performance about your workers.

Company Accounting

In this section you can check all transactions made and received by the current Company, from sales, Salaries or trade.